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New Site

There have been several changes we have been making in the background. Let’s go over some of those changes.

  1. We have a new site! It’s a lot more calm and smooth as compared to the previous one, which wasn’t a bad site or layout. We simply have some changes coming up that required us to change frameworks, so we decided we’d create the site while we’re at it.
  2. This site is hosted on Cloudflare! If you’re not familiar with them, they are a company that specialized in a bunch of things that help the internet be more efficient and fast. What you need to know is that this site is now able to be loaded much faster no matter where you are in the world thanks to their network that we now utilize.
  3. We have a status page! With Thacker Broadcasting, we now have a status page that allows you to see the status of both our website and the live broadcasting system. You can find that at status.thackerbroadcasting.com.
  4. No more live shows. After some difficult discussions, we have decided that we will be temporarily suspending our live show schedule. This simply means that a live host won’t be coming on the air for the time that live shows are suspended. You’ll still be able to request songs live, you’ll still be getting music live from our studio, it will sound like a radio station with IDs and whatnot, and the music library will still be updated on a regular basis. We’re not going anywhere, we’re simply taking a step away from live shows for the foreseeable future.

More changes are in the works that we can’t wait to share with you when the time is right! Until then, we hope you enjoy the ones we’ve made thus far.